Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Social Networking 101

On Saturday, Significant Other and I attended a workshop on social networking sponsored by New England Sisters in Crime.  The networking guru was Shawn Nicholls, who is senior digital marketing director at Harper Collins.

We learned a lot about Facebook, Fan Pages, and Content, until everyone's head was swimming.  The lunch with yummy salads, mini wraps, fruit and cookies couldn't be beat.  Then it was on to Twitter, Blogs and Websites.  Sorry to say, but websites will soon be on your Facebook page, likewise blogs.  Facebook is where it's at, using Aps and Tabs and parsing Insights.  One has to run to keep up.

Barbara, Mo and Ro --ladies with laptops
Here are a few photos of the group.  For some reason, Blogger is really slooooow to load photos these days.  Inquiring minds want to know why.               

We can make an executive decision.  Barb, Sheila and Pat

Shawn said that fan are interested in the process of writing.  Sometimes when one talks about that, one sounds kind of, you know, crazy, as in "my characters talk to me."  Oh really?

Pensive Liz
The participants agreed they had learned a lot and everyone rushed home to Tweet, post, and review notes.   All in all, a day of useful learning.

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Rhonda Lane said...

Thanks for the photos, Judy. Sorry I couldn't make it to the workshop. My clone isn't ready yet. ;)