Sunday, February 19, 2012

Saturday Night Company Dinner

Blackberry Clafoutis in skillet Recipe

Unexpected company on Saturday. We ran to the store on Friday after taking a quick poll on what everyone wanted to eat. Came up with Steak Tips with Harissa, but I got confused and bought Sirracha sauce which must be pretty similar. Hotter than old billy-be-danged. I got two (2) 1 lb. 1.5 inch thick sirloins, and cut them into 13 chunks. Marinated, then fried in two big skillets. Managed medium rare, a miracle. Here is the Recipe

I made Lucky's Potatoes and Cherry Tomatoes Provencal recipe as side dishes, and made a salad of iceberg (on sale) garnished with artichoke bottoms. For dessert, there was a blackberry clafoutis, made in a cast-iron skillet and 100% delicious. Lots left, praise be.

Note:  I updated this post with links to recipes.  Everything but Lucky's potatoes which don't seem to be on the web.  Later. Later. 

Now I am planning a dinner party with no seafood and no dairy which is something of a challenge, but I think I have mastered it. 

Yesterday I watched Diner's, Drive-ins and Dives and the topic was barbecue. It look so good I thought I might have to put on a bib to catch the drool. Well, you know.

On another topic altogether, I mailed my novel, Chased By Death to my Kindle, and it was amazing how some typos and unnecessary description just popped out. This is the last walk thru. I'm pretty psyched.

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