Sunday, February 19, 2012

From Beantown to the Big Apple

We drove to NYC to celebrate Significant Others Significant Birthday.
It was fashion week, which is barely a blip on a retiree's radar.  New York Fashion Week I did notice the ugly-on-an-ape high heels and anklets photos in the Times. Unattractive, grumpy-looking women who look like they could use a cheeseburger-and-fries stalking about in clothes that befitted their in-your-face unattractiveness.  The fact that these clothes are so far out there that only the 1% can afford them, and the 1 % of the 1 % would want to wear them, makes you wonder how these designers stay in business.  Well, what they actually sell is not what you see in fashion week, or at least what the Times deems fit to print. 

We had a lovely Valentine meal at Pascalou,  an upper East Side place that serves delicious food and doesn't break the bank.  Service and meal were good, esp. considering that Valentine's Day can produce crowds, inattentive service (due to crowds) and less than stellar food.  Not the case at Pascalou.  I absolutely adored my sole. Pascalou

Before we left, I baked a "Marmorkuchen," or marble cake, S.O.'s favorite.  We bought a cake carrier (an adventure in itself) to schlep it with us.

Our host cooked a fab birthday dinner, which was somewhat clouded by the fact that the car, which had to be moved because of parking rules, would not start.  A call to AAA would solve everything, we thought.  Just need a jump.  Nope.  What we needed was a battery, alternator, labor and a bill in the low four figures.  Ouch!

Then we got a late start for home, landing us in rush hour, rain, darkness, and traffic hell.  Our host drove back to Boston, too, because she had to go to a memorial service.  I cooked a quickie dinner at 9:30 at night--Italian sausage with a cobbled together vodka sauce.  Pasta with Sausage in Vodka Cream Sauce Very delicious if I say so myself.  Wonderful Blackberry Clafoutis last night.  So simple and delicious. 

In New York, we visited the Met and saw the American (both continents) Indian exhibit and also the European sculpture gallery.  Lovely. European Sculpture Gallery at the Met

In Boston we heard Handel & Haydn Society Orchestra play Eroica and also a great rendition of  the Egmont Overture.  That Beethoven sure could compose beautiful music.

Last night I cooked a decent meal and inadvertently invented a recipe.  This post is getting mucho longo, so I'll discuss the recipe anon.  And explain my serendipitous error.

Must catch up on missed TV programs and the Sunday papers.  Also laundry.  Writing.  House.  Bills.  Stuff.  Life is strange.


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