Monday, January 02, 2012

Pancakes Two Ways

Our New Year's Eve dinner was potato pancakes or latkes.  I got the recipe years ago from the Wall Street Journal of all unlikely places.  Been making them ever since.  We have a young guest who really, really likes them, and whenever she arrives, we make latkes.  I serve them with BOTH sour cream and applesauce, and everyone also gets a couple slices of bacon.  I know.  I know.  Not kosher, but we like it.

New Year's Morning, we had another kind of pancake, David Eyre's Hawaiian Pancake, a family fave since it was printed back when God was a boy in the New York Sunday Times.  When Craig Claiborn was king.  The recipe says serves 4 -6 but we made 2 recipes for 3 people and none was leftover.  Maybe appetites are bigger now.  My kids make a recipe and eat the whole thing.  Cast iron skillets a must.  Powdered sugar, lemon juice and nutmeg in the batter.  The original recipe doubled the amount of butter, but after the correction the following week, lots of people wrote in and said, nope, the amount of butter was just fine, thank you. David Eyre's Pancake 

We had plain and simple pasta tonight.  It's been a starchy week.  I am still at my pre-Christmas weight.  A miracle.

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