Friday, December 30, 2011

Ann Seranne's High Heat Roast Beef: the Day After

You made and enjoyed the fabulous roast from the 500 degree oven.  So perfectly rare inside and perfectly brown and crunchy outside.  It was like a miracle.  If you planned ahead, you made extra potatoes.  If not, make some more.  Now.

Then click on this link:  Ungodly Good Roast Beef Hash

A bit of patience is required for the stages of browning.  It's worth every minute.  Some say,  just hold the beef for a day and make endless quantities of hash.  This recipes redefines hash.  Serve with a big green salad and maybe some fruit for dessert.  Or the leftover dessert.  We had a cranberry cake with an orange glaze and a cranberry-orange compote that was as good, in its way, as the hash.  The holiday lingers. 

Here is another photo of the roast.  Just to inspire.  Those at the table who aren't crazy about medium rare can eat the end cuts.  We had just enough fat for Yorkshire pudding.  These roasts aren't as fatty as they used to be.  It was well trimmed but not fat-free, never fat free.
I noticed something in the paper this morning from a group called "concerned" something or other blasting Guy Fieri, Paula Deen and the Neelys, even Christopher Kimball for promoting fatty food.  These people all promote vegetables, too.  And not everything Guy and Chris cook is "bad for you."

Whenever any group has a "concerned" in its name, run like hell the other way.  Fast. 

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