Thursday, August 25, 2011

Some Things I Am Wondering About

Why are there so many tanning salons?  How can the multitude of nail salons survive?   I don't use either, although at one time I did tan a bit.   Nails?  I have gardening nails, which is to say short, broken, dirty and best hidden behind gloves.

Why do the #%*^@ chipmunks eat the tomatoes this year?  I had to pick them all green and bring them into the house before they nibbled all of them.  Grrrr.

 How does the cat always know if someone is sick or under the weather?  He acts extra lovey.   Cats just know.  Interesting about the zoo animals anticipating the earthquake.  Now there's another riddle.

I am reading Death and the Maiden by Gerald Elias and enjoying it immensely. Also on my third reading of Proust.  Reading great works at different life stages is always rewarding.

We had a Thai beef salad this evening, and Significant Other has decided he does not like rice noodles which are slippery as eels.

Into the city tomorrow night for a nice dinner  before the storm hits.
I'm writing a short story that is like pulling teeth.  Double grrrr.



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