Friday, August 19, 2011

Make Mine Meze

Tonight we're having a meze platter with homemade hummus, shrimp salad and cucumber salad.  I've been prepping off and on all day and can hardly wait to dig into these goodies.  The garden has yielded LOTS of ripe cucumber, and I've been using them up but now it's time to be generous to the neighbors.

Mostly we eat a cucumber salad I created.  Dressing is made with sour cream, mayo, and a little white vinegar.  One could also use yogurt.  I chop up scallions, dill, a small clove of garlic, parsley and even cilantro in the food processor and mix it with the dressing.

Empty the processor and get out the slicing disc.  I peel the cukes, cut them in half and scoop out the seeds with a spoon.  Feed them into the Cuisinart and mix in with the dressing.  Lots of dill makes it extra good.  If you like, sprinkle a little kosher salt on the cukes after slicing and let them drain for 40 minutes or so.    They come out extra crunchy.  This is a great salad, even if you have to buy the cukes.  Dill and parsley from the garden, of course.

The meze platter recipes are  at this link.  Meze Platter for a Warm Summer Night

Use tomatoes from the garden if you have them.  Ours have succumbed to chipmunks and blight.    Alas!  The mint and the oregano and rampant.  Parsley not so good.  But the cucumbers reign.



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