Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dumb and dumber

For at least three years I've been searching all over for the family wedding rings:  my mother's, her mother's, and the two great grandmas.  To the best of my recollections, I had seen them since we moved into this house, but I couldn't find them.  Searched everywhere.  I do mean EVERYWHERE.  Especially the cedar chest where I had a vague memory of seeing them.

Finally, I gave them up for lost in the move, and beat myself up for being a bad daughter, a bad granddaughter and a very bad great granddaughter.  How could I have lost these heirlooms?  I had already lost my mother's beautiful Christmas pin, for which I can never forgive myself.  Now I lost ALL the wedding rings.

I kept searching the same places, but they were never found.  Hung head in shame.  A few weeks ago we had reason to visit the safety deposit box and there, along with assorted envelopes was a little jewelry box.  Inside it were all of the rings.  Safe and secure. I wanted to weep with relief.

I returned home and checked the inventory sheet of the deposit box, and they weren't on it, which must mean that I found them and put them in the box having no memory of doing so.  I remember once my mother took off her wedding rings and they disappeared to be found much later in a tea cup in the cupboard.  Does it run in the family? 

Of course, I have no idea of the eventual fate of all of these rings.  They'll probably be melted down in some gold frenzy, although I have resisted doing that to really good or sentimental stuff.  I recall a popular song, maybe from the  Fifties about "a little band of gold."  How do I remember the stupid song but not taking the rings to the lock box for safe-keeping?   Arrrggghhh.

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Lindsay said...

Someplace I still have my mother's wedding ring. Think now I'll go find it