Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Writing LIfe and the Plain Old Life

Busy as a one-armed paperhanger.  Actually, I am really fond of the expression, "a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest."  Who thinks up these crazy sayings?

About the writing life, there is the following to say:
1)  Excuse my weird grammar
2)  Sent out memoir (short piece) 3 poems and a short story whew!
3)  Put up a blog for my novel, The Shadow Warriors  (see link)
4)  The novel now has its own Facebook page.  Waiting for "likes."  And waiting.  Hmmm.
5)  Put "like" buttons on a couple of my  blogs (hope springs eternal)  see #4
6)  Taking a pacing course (writing not horses)
7)  Looking at the final edits of a novel to send to an e-publisher
8)  Need to read a book for the class
9)  Finishing the reading of a friend's manuscript
10)  Writing 2 poems for a poem/food contest  

As if that is not enough
1)  Time to do the (yech) tax workbook
2)  May book a cruise (I'm going to need a vacation)
3)  Have to do table topics for Toastmasters on Thursday
4) Bedding and towels to  wash from departed houseguests
5)  Larder is bare.  See #4

6)  Need to lose a few pounds (walking and the gym)
7)  Have to update web site - alas, I have probably forgotten how
Marktplatz in Goettingen, where many scenes from The Shadow Warriors are set
8)  Learn to use new FTP software on my MAC
9)  Get ugly stain off kitchen floor
10) Catch up on "Big Love"

So, of course, I'm meeting a friend for lunch tomorrow.  And feeling a little sleep deprived.  I have to get all this stuff done before baseball season, a hideous, lovely time suck. Red Sox Nation demands loyalty.

Am I the only one who thought that academy awards prologue was kind of cute.  Having a loud sneezing fit


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