Saturday, March 19, 2011

Back again: Seven Suspenseful Sentence Sunday

The university town of Göttingen was just a great setting for a book.  I stole huge hunks of city landscapes and sometimes I even made up stuff, but most of the scenes were created from real places.  Here is an excerpt from The Shadow Warriors where  Emma and Wayne and their new colleagues have gone out drinking on a Friday night.  Some happens that frightens Emma.

The square was jammed with students, professors, couples pushing baby carriages, old age pensioners, farmers with round peasant faces, and the Turks and Greeks who had come years ago as “guest workers” and stayed on to open restaurants and small businesses.

 We passed a booth selling shots of vodka, each with a fig immersed in it. Wayne pantomimed gagging gestures, but I counted out four marks in change. As I handed the money to the vendor, I caught a glimpse of a face with dark eyes, eyes that were staring at me, but the man with the eyes slipped away into the crowd. It couldn't be. There was no way that the man from the Singapore bus and the Hong Kong Market could be at the Göttingen street fair. I downed the vodka in one hasty gulp, but the alcohol couldn’t burn away that face and those eyes.

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