Monday, January 03, 2011

The Shadow Warriors, now on Kindle

My novel of information warfare and software agents run amok is finally available on Kindle.  And  people have actually been buying it!  At $2.99, what's not to like?.   So I am psyched and sending out the link, once more with feeling. 

  The Shadow Warriors Kindle Version  

Must confess I haven't written anything for weeks.    The holidays, don't cha know?  When the guests leave and I have my financial software totals for 2010 and a plan for the Kindle PR blitz, then it's time to write again.  

Lots of plans for  2011.    Such Stuff As Dreams, my 1928 California novel, re-write of Festival Madness, editing of In Flight, and putting out on the Kindle and into the e-book world, World of Mirrors, the book of East Germany set during The Year of Miracles, also known as The Time of the Turn.  Love it!  

Busy year ahead.  


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