Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ready for a cleanse?

By the end of the holiday weekend, I'm almost tired of food.  We had finally had enough turkey and wandered over to the Longhorn Steakhouse for lunch.   I was privileged to get the first delicious cut of prime rib out of the oven.  Significant Other had a rack of ribs.  Instead of a starch, I ordered the veggies, and with the salad and the fact that I brought home a lot of meat it wasn't a total diet buster, because the holidays in general are a diet buster.

We're moving on to chicken breasts and low-cal soups for the rest of the week.  Whenever we have Soup Week, I always lose a couple of pounds.  I think a nice chicken piccata  will work tomorrow.  By the way, here is my dessert I served on Friday.  It is so delicious and also beautiful and easy to make.  Doesn't get any better than that.
Orange Mascarpone Tart with Pistachios and Honey

Any dessert this week will have to be fruit salad.  Hey, nothing wrong with that.  I love a good fruit salad, and each season has its prime fruits.  A spoonful of booze always livens up the salad, too.  I like Apfelkorn or an orange liquor.   The crust in the recipe above, by the way, is Pillsbury by way of the dairy case.  They are remarkably good for a supermarket crust.

Here is a link to the recipe

Back to the edits of my book.  It's interesting that when the first draft is completed, the author herself gets a better sense of what the book is actually about.   This will be the subject of another post.

Keep your date with the treadmill tomorrow.,


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