Thursday, November 25, 2010

God, Mother and Country

Faith, Family and Flag!  Holey Shamoley!  Doesn't that translate in God, Motber, and Country?  I believe it was that old Elitist Dr. Johnson who remarked that patriotism was the last refuge of the scoundrel.

I remember a speech about GMC in the Riverwoods Village Hall, Riverwoods, IL,  by Barbara C. way back in the late 70's.  There may have been dry eyes in the house, but not her's and her chin quivered and her eyes teared up as she uttered the sacred words, "The Children."  I was a young mom but even then I knew enough to recognize demagoguery.

Today is Thanksgiving, and we can all count our blessings as we overindulge and watch football and prepare for the marathon weekend of shopping.  I will try my damndest not to do any of these things.  Food in moderation, football, well, just the Pats and no shopping whatsoever. Abstinence is good, sometimes.

Be thankful if you have a brain that can think and parse information and use logic and is not polluted by celebrity worship, and all the hoo-ha that our age vomits forth.


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