Saturday, October 09, 2010

Life is a Cabaret

Into town on Thursday for dinner and theater.  Didn't call ahead to Sandrine's because we were eating early, but they were closed for a private party, so for a while it looked like we weren't eating at all.  Nipped into Daedalus for a nice dinner, then around the corner to Oberon which used to be Zero Arrow Street, and is always a little confusing to find even if you have been there three times.

Little confession:  I do like sleaze and decadence.  The girl can't help it.  Goes back to the days of far yore when I was in college in Houston.  Some areas and neighborhoods, you could cut the sleaze with with a knife.  The hot, muggy climate had something to do with it.  Galveston in the old days!  Sleaze and decadence personified.   Don't know what it was in Houston or if it even still exists.  Still, I'll bet there are pockets.

I had a good college friend who felt as I did, and once I had a car senior year, we drove to a little  place on the corner of Post Oak and Katy--out in the middle of nowhere then.  Called Pokay's naturally.  Sort of run down.  The kind of place where James Dean and Marilyn Monroe hung out together.   

My friend and I would have our coffee and drive back to campus to study.  Nice respectable girls aren't supposed to like sleaze which made it beckon even more. 

So Cabaret had the sleaze and decadence factors nailed!  I loved Amanda Palmer.  She was just so good and so absolutely right for the roll of MC.  This was NOT your parent's Cabaret.   Even less, their parents. 

I have two more scenes to write in my novel.  It's both a high and a low to finish a novel.  You're just so happy to be done with the first draft, and the let down is that you ARE done with the first draft.

Writing is rewriting, so you will be seeing a lot more of that manuscript.  I am going to have to cut thousands of words.  Sigh.  I never really permit myself to write the so-called "shitty first draft," and now of course I'll have to cut perfectly good words.

Oh well, water under and over and around the dam.  I have some short stories perking and I want to get into my 1920's California book. 

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