Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Orange Cat and the Tortoise Cat

The male orange cat cannot fathom why the female tortoise is forever on his case.  She spits. She runs away.  She freaks out when he tries to rub noses or (horrors!) sniff her butt.  Why can't we be friends.  When the mistress combs Thisbe, he butts in and wants to be combed, too,  interrupting precious Mommy-Kitty time. 
Revenge is sweet, or perhaps revenge is really savory, because Thisbe eats his food.  She scarfs down her moist food and then ambles across the kitchen to HIS dish.  
Sometimes she even eats his Meow Mix.  Thisbe is fat and diabetic and has her own special food that she likes just fine.  We call it "Atkins for kitties."  She is catholic in her cat food tastes.  But not people food.  Won't touch it.  Ick.
Now the orange cat sleeps on the bed at night with her people.  He inserts himself into the living room TV watching.  He has JOINED RED SOX NATION. 
Thisbe doesn't hide her outrage.  She may forgive and forget.  In a span of years.  But right now, it's still all out war. 

She's showing him her middle paw.  And the claws are NOT retracted. 

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