Friday, September 17, 2010

Net Neutrality -- Not!

For two hours, I've  been on the Internet, trying to get my character from Havana to Caracas.  Not me!  My character, as is Lotto Lopaz, one jump ahead of the DEA.

Dumb me!  I thought he could just catch a flight from Jose Marti airport to Caracas.  Maybe he could.  Our government doesn't let you see the flights out of Havana.  My god, I could sneak out of Guantanamo easier than flying out of Havana on a regularly scheduled airline.
This is crazy.  Why is so much flight information blocked? I mean, it's just information.  It's really very annoying, particularly since I am trying to get a literary character out of the city  A figment of my imagination.  I think I'm going to have to imagine an airline and a flight schedule.

The Cuban airlines web site isn't very friendly either.  Is Havana like the former East Berlin, where all can enter but no one can leave?        So what is happening, is that he's flying from Havana to Panama City, and from Panama City to Caracas.  It costs over $1000.00.  He'll have to cough up 2 500 Euro notes, of which he has many.  This guy may be in a very bad mood.  He deserves to be.

The Cuba restrictions are asinine.  I'm tempted to drive to Toronto and then fly to Havana just for spite.  I mean. really.

Grapeshot who is mad as hell that she wasted 2 valuable hours on the computer trying to find airline schedules that were blocked.  Let's her it for true Net Neutrality.  And not a minute too soon.

Bah.  Humbug.

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