Thursday, July 29, 2010

An uneasy truce

My mistress insists on taking over the blog today, so I'll hunker down for a nap.  The Orange Outrage and I have established an uneasy truce.  I catch hell all the time for trying to nosh on his Meow Mix.  I get  Atkins for kitties which I liked just fine until I tasted his chow.  My sources have told me the O.O. has been commenting on my blogging, and nothing complimentary either.  Well, as I always say, a cats gotta do what a cats gotta do.   Oooops!  Here's my mistress now.  Waving a paw goodbye. 

Back from the Peach State.  I brought (by local prices) about $8.00 worth of fresh figs home.  They weathered the trip.  The next day, we had a delicious pizza with  ricotta, the figs, prosciutto, fresh spinach and a sprinkle of mozzarella.  Beautiful and good.

I had the opportunity to swig some "White Lightnin" (vintage) while in GA, a real eye opener in more ways than one.  Mild and  flavorful with a mulish kick.  Yowza! 

On Sunday we went to a part forty miles east of Athens in farm country.  The host has an acreage, with cattle and a huge garden.  We ate his beef, tomatoes, peppers, okra, corn  and figs.  He has a structure with a big barbecue, counters, tables, chairs, ceiling fans--a kind of country folly.  He also has a one room house with all the amenities, but furnished with country stuff.   Just big enough to relax in the easy chairs or spend the night on the sofa bed.  With AC and a loo.  What a collection of cast iron!  I love cast iron.  Now, if I could only locate my popover pans.  Hope I didn't sell them.  

The Atlanta airport has a new (to me) feature, whereby a train takes the traveler to the car rental facility, and also back to the airport.  Pretty slick.  They told me, "pick out any car in the row next to the trees."  I navigated without GPS and of course the computer instructions had one glitch which left me stopping for directions at a barbecue place.  I do love Southern barbecue.  The Georgia botanic garden was wonderful in spite of the heat which was ferocious.

Back to the laundry, cleaning, and yes, writing.  Book will be done soon, then the rewrite.  I want to work on some short stories while I'm letting it lie fallow.  The garden is tremendous and we are eating beans, tomatoes and lots of fresh herbs.  Wild salmon is in the stores.  Life is good.


Back to you Thisbe!


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