Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Love Summer

Baby birds are everywhere.  Gazillions of woodpeckers:  downy, hairy and flicker.  Baby tufted titmice, baby goldfinches, baby robins.  I hope we have baby hummingbirds.   Isn't our ruby throat the sweetest thing?  He dive bombs me when I'm working near the feeder.

The tomatoes are coming in, joining the beans and all the fresh herbs.  Tomorrow I'm whipping up a bunch of Pesto Genovese.   We've been grilling corn directly on the grill, and brushing it with a mixing of mayonnaise, lime juice and chili powder.  Yowza!  Is that ever good.  Last night we also grilled salmon, fresh WILD Atlantic salmon, so good, almost a different fish from the farm raised.  Like real maple syrup and the not so real maple syrup, there's a huge difference.  Tonight we grilled a rib eye and served it over baby arugula with a parmesan butter. More corn.  And yes, peach pie for dessert.  I really do love summer.  Here is a photo of the pie.
Peach Pie - even  the crust is Home Made

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