Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday is Fish Taco Night

Somebody made fish tacos on the food channel.  Thought it was Guy, but maybe not.  Couldn't find the recipe, but I did find separate recipes for the beer batter, the chipotle mayo and of course, the tacos themselves.  Bought fresh cod today at Roche Brother.  Practically drooling all day.  Garnished with cabbage, of course, in the south of the border Ensenada way. 

Making cherry clafouti tomorrow.  We'll have steak and cabbage soup with the rest of the cabbage.   Trying to be frugal.  Always a challenge.  We fed the Scottish Highland Cattle lots of citrus rind and (very tasty) melon rinds.   Article in the NY Times about what nice lean beef they make, and grass fed too.  I would never eat beef again if I had to eat those sweet cattle.  Not sweet to teach other.  Old Maggie was lying down in the pasture, and finally got up to see what special treats I had.  She looks preggers.   One can only hope for a sweet calf, which we have been without for almost a year.  I have calf deprivation.

Iris in the pasture.  She is currently molting.

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