Friday, June 18, 2010

After the rain

After the rain of the past few weeks, the garden looked downright jungly.  Tomatoes needed feeding, and sundry tasks, like pruning the forsythia and the wiegelia (spelling?) loomed large. For some dumb reason, I thought I could take care of everything in an hour.

Two hours later, I am sweating (changed shirts once), thirsty and tired.  And more work remains.   Found lots of string beans ready to eat, and harvested some dill.  Cut back the sage and the oregano, which is going nutso.   Garlic is HUGE and looks like it may bloom.  The garlic rose? 

I have to feed the flowers and some of the plants in the wild flower border.  Changed the hummingbird water.  Ant City.  Cheeky little guys were back within the hour.

We are spending like a dollar a day on suet for the birds, and they are insatiable.  Saw tiny frog the size of my thumb nail.  Incredibly cute.  Plenty of vitamin D had for the week.

Tonight we cooked swordfish is an incredible  3 peppercorn/parsley/garlic/butter sauce.   Salad with lettuces and beans from the garden.  Broccoli because we always eat our veggies.  Tiny potatoes steamed to go with the swordfish.

Shrimp salad tomorrow night.  We do eat well.  Onward.


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