Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Strange Happenings

The workman left.  My mistress came in a rubbed me with a towel that smelled like another cat.  Naturally, I masked my astonishment.  Later I sniffed around at the door to the storeroom, where there has been lots of traffic, but the door has been kept closed, piquing my curiosity.  I scratched at the door a bit, but no one let me into the storeroom.

In the meantime, my mistress and I have been having "Mommy-Kitty Time," and I'm purring and sitting in front of her computer where, like on the newspaper, it is difficult for her to ignore me.  I have to make sure I am loved best.  Her hands  have the strange cat smell.

I wonder what is going on, but I'm pretty relaxed about it. Everyone is watching soccer with that awful noise in the background.  Hmmmm.  Think I'll go upstairs for a snack.  A snack is always good.  I snack all day.  Dry food, moist food, treats, bring it on.  Quaffed down with bottled water, of course.  I think some new cat toys arrived home with the groceries, but they are still in the package.  I already did catnip this morning.  I am in a get-insky mood that may bring trouble if I chew on forbidden things.  Onion bags are my favorite.  I used to chew on fabric softener sheets after they came out of the dryer.  Sometimes I ate them, and then I threw them up, causing great consternation.  After we moved, the dryer sheets were no longer available.  But life is good.

Maybe a nap.  I can't wait to see who is in the storeroom.


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Anonymous said...

This rubbing with the towel business is for the birds, not the cats. I smell the stranger everywhere, and she does not smell good. An indoor cat, effete kind of smell. She smells FAT! I hate the storeroom. I refused food and water. I hid. So there!