Thursday, June 24, 2010

I made a total ass of myself

So, the strange cat smells continued, but I was pretty cool with that.  The lawn mowers came with their dastardy noisy machines this a.m., and therefore I retreated, as is my wont, to the cedar closet.

My mistress came home and I was just coming to greet her, when our house guest, whom I have known for years, approached with a strange cat!  We rubbed noses, and what can I say, this was NOT the cat I had expected.  I growled and spat.  He retreated.  I raised my fur and fluffed my tail out until I was huge.  I lunged.  I spat.  I growled.  I totally lost control.  Strange cat retreated to a chair in his room.  I continued my advance until herded out of the room.  I growled and spa at the guest.

My mistress said this wasn't what she had expected of a gracious hostess.  Everyone said, "well, back to square one.  We tried to do this too fast."  I sulked for a while.

Later, they opened the storeroom door, and I got another look at the strange cat.  A handsome orange Tom.  Now he spat at me.  I went into the room and climbed into his carrier; that was when he spat.  I sniffed the bedding which smell somewhat like me.  WTF?

We stared at each other for a good long time, in a kind of Mexican standoff.  Everyone seemed pleased and we both received treats.  I feel somewhat better now.

What does the morrow hold?


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