Thursday, June 03, 2010

Living Well

Yesterday's dinner (see photo) was a nice Spanish entree from Bon Appetit!  We decided we were likely the only folks in Foxboro feasting on this particular dish.  Tonight was Mexican with a new recipe for tortilla soup.  I have maybe half a dozen recipes,  but had never made this particular one.  Mega yum. 

Last night I dreamed my old high school friend showed up in the Berkshires at another friend's house.  She said, "I brought some cookies."  I tasted one, and it was great.  I tasted it again.  It contained bacon.  Meanwhile, the hostess, eschewing all cookies was parading around showing off  her recent weight loss.  What did this dream mean?

The tortilla soup  makes enough for three meals if we practice portion control.   Here is the photo of the grilled sausage and shrimp kebabs with tomato and onion.  It's served and basted with a spicy sauce of olive oil, garlic, red pepper and pimenton.  Ole!  

The other photo is a view of the deck with the newly planted box of red petunias and the red flowers (begonias)  in colorful pots.  It is so restful to sit and read and drink (soft and/or hard) looking out over the slough. 

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