Thursday, June 03, 2010

Cell Phone Rant

As a long-standing member of Red Sox Nation, I would give my eye teeth to sit right behind home plate during a game at Fenway Park.  I mean, what could be more exciting that to see the team close up and personal and watch the batters deliver a few home runs into the stands, watch the pitcher hurling those 95  mph fastballs, and see the exciting plays at home plate?  Second guess the ump?

Apparently talking on one's cell phone or texting is more exciting than actually watching the game once you're made it into those oh-so-pricey seats.  I see it all the time.  So-called fans with cell phones glommed onto their ears.  I mean, how can you hear jack-shit with 34,000 screaming fans?  The dead give away for texting is watching someone with his/her eyes lowered toward an invisible phone, arms at sides, sitting very still. Except for the thumbs.  Gee, don't spill beer on your precious device. 

"I'm at the ball game."
"Who's leading?"
"Aaaa, just a minute, let me check the scoreboard. Oh, the Sox are leading."

"What inning is it?"
"Aaaaa, just a minute.  Oh, it's the bottom of the third."
"Who scored the runs?"
"I don't know.  I'll text you back after I've looked it up on the web."
"Hey, never mind.  I can do that, too."

"I'm at the Red Sox game."
"What's the score?"

Such a waste.  I know.  Give ME the tickets and you can sit in a bar, watch the game and yak all night.  Text till your thumbs drop off. 
Your display of self-importance just makes you look dumb. 

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