Friday, May 28, 2010

Spring Planting

Yesterday we got about $100.00 worth of tomato plants and flowers.  Enough to spruce up the deck and the two garden boxes.  My first mistake this morning was looking for a clay tray that formerly houses some small pots for herbs.  And looking in the garage where I recalled last seeing it. 

Garage a huge mess.  For example:  cardboard for the dump piled up with Christmas wrapping paper (used) crammed into a box.  No order.  Empty boxes all over, not in the box area.  Old plastic pots from years past.  Plastic saucers everywhere.  And to think I bought some last fall.  So, it took 1 hour and 45 minutes to tidy the garage and 1 hour to plant everything and water it and tidy up the yard.  Looks good.  Photo to follow.  I had to do some creative shifting about to find a spot for everything.  The garden will be lavender, purple and white this year, while the deck will have red flowers.  Beans, tomatoes, herbs and garlic doing nicely here and there.

Off to take photos.  And water the plant I forgot.  So sorry.  Chipmunks all over the place.  Thisbe went out the front door by opening it.  Bad Cat.  She was totally hysterical.  I think she was in the back yard too, because the chipmunk was complaining bitterly.  Hard to get used to having an only cat.  Hard to be an only cat.  We'll eventually figure it out.

Watch for photos~  

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