Monday, May 31, 2010

Spring in the Garden

I noticed some of the colors are washed out.  Must be the glare of the midday sun.  Finished my work on everything except the wildflower garden which needs much attention--weeding, removal of grass, removal of raspberries, feeding, etc.  Usual garden chores.  I had a wild iris bloom this year, and the heuchera is doing well.  The heath didn't bloom, but looks very healthy.  Finally had the creeping phlox bloom this year.  The weigelia (no clue as to spelling) bright red.  Hummingbirds not pleased that I am out there working so much. 

Chill, birds, because the main body of work is done.  Gardening is hard work, but it is also soooo relaxing.   Especially is one is hunched over a keyboard all day.   Thisbe, who has been ultra-brave in the yard of late, exploring beyond the porch and the deck, almost encountered the Whippet today.  A cat can never be too careful.  Here is what the plantings looked like on Memorial Day.  I have a lot of purple sage and the herb Sage is blooming, too.  Nice bouquet for indoors. 

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Ann Flower said...

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