Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Buzzard on the Roof

Ye Gods!  Yesterday we took the family to the Fanieul Hall Marketplace in Boston and ate at the venerable Durgin Park.  Hadn't been there in donkey's years.  It was basically unchanged.  I had a lobster roll which came with lots of sides.  I must say the baked beans were way too sweet, and the corn bread kind of dry.  Cole slaw good.  Lobster excellent but a little scanty for the price tag.  Mussels in garlic broth yummy as was the creamed spinach.  Salad that came with the pasta was excellent.  Wine delightful.  So, altogether a good feed.

The most amazing thing about the meal was the buzzard (I am not making this up) on the roof of the old building across the street.  Yup!  Sitting right on top of Fanieul Hall Marketplace.  At first I thought it was a wild turkey, which would have been weird enough, but a buzzard.  He was definitely enjoying the sunshine, and I wasn't sure if this was a nest he/she sat on or not.  Way up high on the roof.  Of course neither the waitress or anyone else had noticed.  Sometimes you just open your eyes and see the damnest things that no one else does.  And no, I wasn't smoking those funny cigarettes.

On the writing front, no Derringer award for "Bad Trip," but a couple friends were nominated.  Querying Promiscuous Mode like crazy with a new kickass query.    Finally have my character in Reno for the denouement of In Flight.  Have to rewrite Festival Madness starting the book in Reno.  All roads lead to Reno.  Going to self-pub the East German book, because after 20 years, the premise has gone a bit stale.  I can wrap a story within a story for a bigger word count.  It's too good to lie fallow forever. Need to get going on a couple more short stories.

Writer's like to bad mouth James Patterson, but he's doing a lot of things right.  For one blogger's viewpoint, visit this link.

Have to go cook some eggs to dye.  We're having a great vegetarian Easter with a dish of asparagus, farfalle, mascarpone and hazelnuts.  It rocks.   Tacos tonight, homemade of course with all the accoutrements.   

Bags and bags of nice veggie food scraps for the cows, whose pasture was flooded this week.  Nice day.  Lots to do.  Onward

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