Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Rains Came

Is anyone building an ark?  We in the Boston area are deluged with rain.  And more rain.  Not gentle spring rain but as we used to say out west, gully washers.  It is the monsoon season.  Whatchagonna do?  Still have to run errands and go grocery shopping.  For some reason I do not have a hooded waterproof windbreaker or any practical rain garment, so I just run in and out, getting wetter and wetter.  Today I forgot my baseball cap,  and really was drenched.

Of course, cold damp  weather calls for soup.  This week I made an interesting tortilla soup, pureed and thickened with (!) tortillas.   I  flavored it with the usual suspects and also a big dry ancho chilli pepper.  We grilled the tomatoes, onions and tortillas.  On Monday, before the monsoons.  You have to get outside while you can.

The crocus are damp and drooping.    Alas, alas.  One ray of sun would bring out the forsythia.   Wonder how the new garlic likes this. 

The soup was vegetarian, but I roasted a chicken breast and we sprinkled pieces of that along with fried tortilla strips and sour cream into the soup.  

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