Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Training

Another glorious day with warm temps and sun.  Now I have to dig my Japanese Gardening Pants out of summer storage and get to work. 

There is a whole forum devoted to these pants, which presumably are available again.  I wear mine mostly in spring or fall or for big dirty summer jobs.  Somehow, jeans just don't work as well.  Too tight, probably.  Anyway, I love these pants.  Read the forum at:

Raking, removing small branches, uncovering garden, replanting thyme, tossing what was left in place last fall, and cleaning pots. It could still snow, so don't uncover too much.  We in Boston still recall the April Fool Snow that dumped about two feet on us on the first of April.  God, it was a mess. 

So I will do cleanup, but still leave the leaves mulching the garden alone, although the temptation is there to go hog-wild.  The thistle seed needs attention.    Chives double their height daily.  I can't wait for the first delicious bites of herbs.  Yum!   Maybe not too early to put some parsley out.  

I was tempted by the seed sale at Ocean State Job  Lot this morning.   Significant Other cannot go into that store without picking up yet another can of white asparagus.  We probably have a lifetime supply.   It is fiendishly hard to find in Boston, owing to the lack of German settlers except in Walpole, where there are apparently  some.  

Tonight we're having swordfish in a lemon-pepper (real lemon and pepper) sauce, bok choy,  rice and  fresh strawberries.   Wish I had a bok choy recipe that wasn't Asian.  Maybe somewhere on the web. 

S.O. has fallen asleep in front of the baseball game.  He does his own spring training. 



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