Monday, February 01, 2010

Lake Massapoag

I drove by frozen Lake Massapoag in Sharon today, and was astounded to see no signs of ice-fishing, ice boating or ice skating. 

In my day (the ice age) such a skatable and ice-sailable piece of ice would not have gone unutilized.  There were not even any signs of ice fishing.

On one of the lakes the slough feeds in our neighborhood there are hockey goals and a spot cleared for an icy hockey rink.  Boys play there on weekends.  Assume boys.

So I guess the question is:   why isn't anyone using the vast frozen lake?  It seems like a natural place for winter sports when the winter has been so cold.  In days of yore Lake Massapoag was a huge summer resort with hotels and the like.  Some of the former lake cottages are now year-round homes.  I'll bet in the old days kids skated on the lake, played hockey and adults fished.  It probably looked like an animated Breugel scene.

Today it's a vast frozen deserted space.  The question is not "where are the snows of yesteryear?" but where are the people of yesteryear?  I guess they're indoors with their gameboys.  Sad.                                                   

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