Sunday, November 29, 2009

From PC to MAC

My old Dell is dying. Various family members have been bullying me to get a MAC, and I have finally consented. Today is the last day on the old Dell, although I will be doing Money on it until I figure out which financial program to use. Of course I have an old Money (2002) and you can't convert Money to the new Quicken with a Money version earlier than 2004, and Money 2004 costs $40.00, which is just another amount to add to the total. A devious idea came to me, and we'll see if it works.

Apple is going to do the conversion and I bought Office Suite for MAC, and cleaned up the computer, did some backups--more to do, and have my list of questions and concerns. Called Verison to make sure this was plug and play, known in my circle as plug and pray. Well, you know. The project manager in me insists on making a plan and raising issues. Once a geek, always a closet geek. Murphy's law and never assume.

So, we'll see how it goes. There will be pain, the only question is how much. And of course I don't know MAC software f rom sh__, but I'm willing to learn. As an early adapter to word processing, spread sheets, project, powerpoint, email, and PC's in general, I am anxious, to say the least. Because my life is pretty much on my computer: email, writing, blogging, finances, address books, Christmas card lists, recipes.

So, again, we'll see how it goes. Big into leftover turkey this week. Lots of desserts still in fridge. Tonight we're having turkey crepes with mushrooms and a yummy sauce. Tomorrow, too. We're been too full of leftover stuffing the last two nights to eat the desserts.

The green bean casserole from scratch was to die for. God, it was good. And the little mini-Halloween cupcakes with the cream cheese frosting were also wunderbar.

Churning through Promiscuous Mode to give it another round. Woke up in the middle of the night thinking of World of Mirrors, but I can't get my arms around a "frame," unless I make it a romance. Seems a bit dicey. Festival Madness needs a total rewrite, a lot of work involved there, and In Flight is presently driving a motor home across Wyoming. Thinking of the plot. Always happens to me before the big denouement. Makes it better. Many literary irons in the fire. Want to write a story about becoming a school teacher in Kansas in the 20's.

And Christmas is coming up like a fast-moving freight train. Baking. Presents. Etc. I have another stalled project, a web site. All my support people have evaporated. Don't know what to do.
Finished reading The Watchman by Robert Crais. He is such a good writer. Enjoyed every page. Lots of good tension. Twists and turns.

Friday used to be cat blog day, and I haven't blogged the cats for a while. Both have health issues and they don't do much except sleep, although Annie was sitting on top of the car when last seen. This photo is of Thisbe, and a kid took it, a kid that has spent 5 years trying to relate to Thisbe. Finally happened.



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