Thursday, July 09, 2009

Green Chile-Chicken Casserole

This would be a good casserole for a pot luck supper. Are those coming back with the economy in tatters?

Notes: I made my own chicken broth and used full-fat sour cream. Certainly a reduced fat could be used, also for the cheddar if you like. I don't use non-fat anything except for celery.

I cut the recipe in half but added the small can of green chilis AND part of a pepper in adobo sauce (very hot)--used just a tablespoon. I also used a whole clove of garlic for half the recipe. My casserole was 7 x 11, and I could only get 8 - 10 as opposed to 12 tortillas in it. This is an economical recipe if you shop the supermarket sales. It's also fast. Tortillas don't have to be cooked. I heated the first nine ingredients in the microwave, thereby saving getting a pot dirty. Might be enhanced with a little chopped chives or cilantro after baking.

Green Chile-Chicken Casserole: looked just like the photo Don't even think of substituting flour tortillas, which belong on the West Coast with Astroturf and "the wave." Think of the word "Californication." Got it? Good!


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