Friday, April 03, 2009

What Was She Thinking?

Yesterday Male Relative (MR) takes flight from Las Vegas to Providence? Sits next to woman with a Palm Pilot. At some point he notices that she is keying some very unflattering comments about him into her palm. . . something about him being a cross between Darth Vadar and Charles Mansion.

Now MR arrived in PVD looking freshly showered with new haircut, clean shirt and khakis and good shoes. Actually, the kind of guy a woman might even LIKE to sit next to on a plane.

My take is that this woman is or thinks she is a writer, and is letting her imagination and fancy roam all over the airplane cabin, writing descriptions of would-be characters. Except that she is an ass. An unfeeling ass. A stupid ass. I mean, suppose MR had taken umbrage and done something stupid, almost as stupid as she was doing. Like seize the palm and erase the text. Like make a loud crude comment.

Now almost anything you do on an airplane these days can get you arrested, so he held his peace. This woman will piss off someone big time one of these days. Someone who isn't a captive in the skies. You just have to wonder.

What was she thinking?

All you keepers of journals, etc. out there. Keep the personal comments about the passenger next to you for later. When he/she can't see what you're busily keying.

I don't know. And then there is the Wellesley woman who got into it with the State Police at Logan Airport, another lose-lose situation. A lot of my sex are, to put it mildly, feeling overly entitled.

Don't be stupid on a plane. Don't trash the appearance of your seatmate on your Palm. Don't argue with the state police at Logan. Don't try to run them down. It ain't cool.

Grapeshot, who is wondering what this magical state of entitlement might feel like.
Might it feel like riding before a fall? Grapeshot is also wondering why she continually keys "Las Vegas" as "Last Vegas."

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