Sunday, April 05, 2009

That dolphin-torn, that gong-tormented sea.

One of the most compelling sights in the downtown area of Bremen Domsplatz is the Neptune Fountain. Many cities have a Neptune Fountain, but none like Bremen's. The fountain is not classical, and it presents a puzzle. The people and sea life all appear to be half-drowned. Or maybe they have been out of the water too long and are dying without the strength to climb back into the water. I could not determine which was the case. Neptune looked like Darth Vadar driving the hounds of hell. (His horses). And why did Neptune have horses? They looked so ill-behaved. This is the most compelling statuary I've seen for ages. The fountain was designed by Waldemar Otto. In spite of much internet research, I did not find a satisfying explanation for the subjugation and wretchedness of the people and animals.
This was heavy stuff, but good. And this is definitely a fountain unlike any you will find in the U.S.
Grapeshot, who is still ingrigued

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