Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Writing Workout

Early morning aerobics class and the instructor is really working us out, and the deep breaths must stir the neurons to cross the synapses-- something in my brain, because plotting ideas for In Flight are coming at me like kamikazees, and I have to tell myself to pay attention both to the workout and to the ideas--it would be a shame to get come and ask myself, "now what was that?"

The instructor worked us harder than usual, which is good except when you're doing it. I got heartburn from the piece of walnut-pear-sour cream coffee cake I had scarfed down before leaving the house. Good cake. Bad idea. See cake photo. Yum! I seldom bake coffee cakes.

Now I can write more when I get back from Toastmasters. Planning a cool Toastmaster's speech on my greatest cooking blunders. Should be fun. My aim is to become an entertaining speaker.

The cake serves twelve and the company we were expecting bailed, so 3/4 of the cake is in the freezer. It's always a pleasure to have something in the freezer that doesn't have to be thawed and cooked. This is a link to a very similiar recipes:
More anon,

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