Thursday, October 16, 2008

Death Comes from On High

Ye gods, we pulled into the driveway a little after five this aftenoon, and a big hawk took off. He had obviously been scoping out our front porch feeder where the cute little guys hang out. A few weeks ago I saw a falcon in the woods. Every creature wants to eat my little birdies, the chicadees, titmice, and today a red-headed house finch. This will never do!

Chipmunks, doves, cardinals and squirrels eat the spilled seed on the ground. Last year we saw something (a raptor, obviously) carry off a full-sized blue jay.

And the dry carcass of the dumb chipmunk got who himself locked in the garage this summer has been discovered.

We have lots of "nature" here, up close and personal.


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