Wednesday, October 01, 2008

From The End of the Road to the Boston Post Road

When I left Gerlach yesterday morning, I drove for 20 minutes before passing a single vehicle. Kind of scary. No coyotes or antelope either, but driving by Pyramid Lake, I saw the most amazing flock of pelicans swirling in the sky. The way the sun glinted off their wings, they looked like silver.

What I ate yesterday: 2 pcs. banana chocolate chip cake.
1 granola bar
3 chicken fingers with barbecue sauce
1 small bag peanuts
1 package cheese crackers
2 glasses orange juice
1 glass cranberry juice
4 glasses water

Hey, is this a diet or what? Yech.

En route I made a tactical mistake and carried a not-too-large duffle bag without wheels. Way too heavy. Decided to check it on the way home, but since I had ditched 4 books and 2 chocolate bars and other assorted stuff, it seemed lighter. Well, it seemed lighter until the flight from Reno was at the far end of the terminal. I knew I had a hell of a hike in Last Vegas from one terminal to another. Bad decision.

And yet, there was some meatball shuttle from terminal B to C which did not drive as the crow flies and I guess we never "technicallY' left the secured area, so that worked out all right and then the plane landed in Providence at the fartherest gate, but I sucked it up and thought, "let's burn a few calories," not that I had actually ingested that many.

So, I was awfully glad not to have to wait for luggage. Sat next to a nice old couple who liked McCain but not Caribou Barbie. I said a few good words for Obama, but they weren't buying it. Oh well.


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