Monday, September 29, 2008

Last Day at the End of the Road

Did not go to the Opal Mines. Did not pass go. Did not leave the yard. Sat on the old white couch on the deck and read and worked crossword puzzles all day. Petted the cat. Drank some wine and some rum, not together. Ate leftover Spanish Rice for dinner.

Tomorrow the long drive, the long flight. No food. Yuck. I have my trusty granola bars.

Next Monday I have invited my writing group to dinner. It's hard to feed 6 - 8 on a Monday night after a busy weekend. I have a yummy chicken-pasta casserole with a mornay sauce I was planning to make. When I announced this, someone said she was on weight watchers and would bring a salad. So I am re-thinking the menu as to make it diet-friendly. Of course, Lasagne doesn't work either, nor would a tortilla casserole. Maybe a turkey breast on the grill with corn on the cob and tomatoes provencal. Kind of bland. I have a diet rice pudding that might make a decent dessert.

I'm going to New Hampshire and work for Obama.

Enough for now. Life is still weird at the end of the road.


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