Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Who? Oh, the Polar Bear Helper cook

When S.O. told me the name of McCain's VP pick, I asked, "any relationship to Michael Pallin?" because it seemed like a true Monty Python moment.

I mean, how short-sighted and cynical can you be, going after those fragments of the Hilary vote with such desperation? And the far-right, too, beyond the fringe, as it were. And two Westerners, but not those calculated to appeal to California, not the new frontier but the lost frontier.

I don't know. I don't know.

Does no one think anymore? The Hilary backers rather worry me. So shrill. Bad sports. Bad losers. God, when I was in school back in the stone age, being a bad sport was really de trop.

How many languages does Sarah speak? What does she know of anything outside Alaska? I was in Alaska, the last frontier, last summer. Great place for scenery and critters. We understood where the Bridge To Nowhere that Sarah supported and then flipflopped on went to. Nowhere. Talk about pork.

She likes wildlife. To shoot. Screw the polar bear. Screw the environment. Jeez, John. What have you unleashed? A snowmobiling hockey mom? Just what the country needs. And you being such an old coot.

I don't know. I don't know.

Of course two old white men, old white rich men, wouldn't work. Are the Republicans so bankrupt they have no suitable candidate for Veep? Guess so. Mitt was gov. here and no great shakes. Flip-flopped after he left too.

Well, it will be interesting, but my great fear is that the fringes, the flat-earthers, the world-enders, those who watch reality shows and think they have some connection with reality, the drones, the gullible, the non-thinkers, the whiners, and the polar-bear helper people may win this election and it just scares the sh__ out of me. Those who believe we belong in Iraq to bring "democracy and freedom" and those who think global warming is a communist plot, those who still live not even in the last century, but in 1500, will they have their say?

I don't know. I don't know.

Isn't is scary to think so?

Grapeshot, who is trembling in her flip-flops. Did someone say Flip Flop? Aiiieeeee!

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