Friday, August 29, 2008

Politics But Not As Usual

I have been transfixed by listening to the speeches of Hilary Clinton and Barak Obama. What a pair of speakers!

Two years ago I joined Toastmasters to hone my speaking skills. Why? I wanted to be able to talk about writing in an engaging, humorous, knowledgable way. As a shy only-child, this is not as easy task. I was brought up to think promoting oneself was "forward," and an unattractive trait in a young lady.

Toastmasters has helped me a lot, and now I even look forward to giving short talks. Toastmasters also taught me to critique a speech and I've got to tell you, Hilary and Barak do a bang-up job.

The pauses, the eye contact, the sincerity, the stories, the lack of um, ah, er, and 'you know.' They both produced great inspirational speeches. Obama just blew me away last night, and as the camera panned to the faces in the crowd, well, the faces looked like, how can I say this? They looked like they had seen the second coming of Christ, meaning no disrespect, but Obama Barak has obviously inspired them beyond belief.

Folks, this is politics. How often does it happen? And he's not a demagogue either. And Hilary, so gracious, yet trenchant. "Did you think this was all about me?"

Wasn't the venue terrific? Obama with his good looks and charm and rangy, American build does seem a little like a rock star, and what's wrong with that? God knows our standing in the world will skyrocket if he is elected.

One won't have to aplogize for this country and declare that "not everyone believe that or thinks that or agrees with that," THAT being the current administrations shennigans.

But this blog is not about politics, except today it is. Loved that speech. So perfect, ah the rhetoric. Wish I could talk about anything a fraction that well.


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