Sunday, August 10, 2008

Queen Anne's Lace

The road sides and fields and the lanes between the interstates are abloom with Queen Anne's Lace (wild carrot). I had to think of a wonderful poem by William Carlos Williams.

Here is the link:

I found this photo by Googling images on the web and this image is from the blog, "Scribal Terror," on which I found some fantastic posts and a very touching cat blog and all sorts of other eminently readable stuff. My good friend in Illinois doesn't use a computer and I tried to tell her what she is missing but she has no clue.

Our cats were happy to see us again. I don't know where the expression "dumb animals" came from, unless it is dumb as in unable to speak. They do speak, however and Annie's trademark three mad meows speaks volumes, as does Thisbe's "catnip meow." Their ears speak, and their eyes speak and their tails speak, and all the body language. One only needs to look and listen with attentiveness. That works for almost everything.

I saw a painting in the museum of two peasants bringing a newborn calf (according to the title of the painting) from the field to the barn, and that calf wasn't newborn, it was a few weeks old. I realized how much I had learned from being close to the Highland Scottish Cattle, and how much better I understand cows now. A very cool thing indeed.

How wonderful it is to get to know our fellow creatures sufficiently to understand them.

While I was gone, some worms ate all the buds off the red petunias. The hummingbird feeder was empty and all the suet was gone. Today a sparrow (not English) took some of the material lining the petunia planter. The birds steal it for nesting materials. He was very noisy about the theft, too. August 10th is late to be nest building. Big mystery.

The blue jays and black birds have discovered the small bird feeder by the front porch and are stealing from it. Both birds are noisy and greedy and very creative and dextrous in their ability to eat from feeders designed to thwart them.

Ah, nature.

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