Saturday, August 09, 2008

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig

Chicago Skyline
Milwaukee Museum of Art
So we're back from The Road. Chicago is a fantastic city of stunning architecture, museums, public spaces, food, culture, you name it.

We had a Mexican feast at Salpicon, so delicious, the kind of Mexican food you cannot get at any price in Boston. Chowed down on beef at the Chicago Chop House; went back to an old haunt at Hackney's in Wheeling. Another old haunt was The Berghoff in downtown Chicago, closed and now reopened, but a shadow of its former menu, which was German. German food is hideously out of style, even in Germany. They perfer bad Italian. Whatchagonnado?

We touched the Finger Lakes region briefly and had motel issues, but the Hotel Burnham in Chicago was great. A former office building. They had wine in the lobby at 5:00, a nice San Francisco tradition. We like wine at 5:00.

We also had a drink at the Ritz, and the vodka gimlet was very fine. I do enjoy quaffing a good gimlet.

The Milwaukee Art Museum was an incredible white structure with great exhibit space and some cool art. The Art Institute, reliable as always, but I couldn't find the cute little tiger that used to greet me when I trudged by en route to the School of the Art Institute.

We visited the Botanic Garden which was just underway when we left, and found it unbelievable. Worth two or three days of your time. S.O. took great photos which I may post on Flickr.
Here are some links to museums and restaurants in The City of Big Shoulders, that toddlin' town:
Chicago Botanic Garden

Art Institute of Chicago

Museum of Contemporary Art. Sigh! I missed the Jeff Koons exhibits. (:

Milwaukee Art museum (pictured in blog photo)

Salpicon Restaurant-- fantastic Mexican food and drinks!

Chicago Chop House: old timey Chicago atmosphere

Hackney's: world's best onion rings, bar none

Burnham Hotel: Our home away from home

The Berghoff, another old-timey Chicago establishment

So, more anon, and lots of good book plotting done, always something to think about when falling asleep in a strange bed in a strange room.


The garden looks great, with scads of ripening tomatoes. We enjoyed insalata Caprese again tonight. I find it addictive, but in a good way.
Apropos the Olympics: Aren't the Ralph Lauren outfits the U.S. Olympic team marched in wearing incredibly cool? Grapeshot, as a young, skinny mom, discovered Ralph Lauren when we were both young. My first purchase was a turtleneck with the now familiar logo and corderoy slacks, size 4. Sigh.

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