Monday, July 21, 2008

The tomato harvest begins

Today I picked two nice ripe ones, and a handful of cherry tomatoes. Lots of fresh herbs. We snip them into salads. It's such a joy to grow your own food. The parsley and the basil are doing well. Cilantro going to seed, which is good. That means a new crop soon.

My morning glories bloom in the morning, blue flowers just like my grandma had. Now if I only had her strawberries and big potato patch. Chicken yard, too, although I wouldn't be up for the slaughter, the dipping in boiling water and the plucking and cleaning--all this yucko stuff done for us now.

The geraniums have finally yelled, "Hallelujia, it's summer!" and are blooming like mad. Hallelujia it's summer! The tomato harvest begins.

I make tomato bread salad, fresh tomato with pasta, garlic and mozzarella, gazpacho, various hot soups, and good old sliced tomatoes. It's a tomato orgy. So let's hear it for the fruit that tastes like a vegetable.
The photo is from Wikipedia. I'll take my own tomorrow.


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