Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Jeri's Praline Brownies - The Saga Continues- Leftovers from the Symphony

For recipe, see prior post.

The first time I ever sunk my teeth into these fantastic chocolately morsels was at Ravinia Park in Chicago, the summer home of the Chicago Symphony.

Seiji Ozawa was practically a kid. We were suburban moms, and every summer our bridge group of eight young women enjoyed an outing. The lady responsible for that summer's was Jeri herself, and somehow she became confused and the symphony was not playing at Ravinia that night, but instead, a rock group. It might have been The Jefferson Airplane. You get the idea. The air hung heavy with pot smoke.

We arrived in our summer dresses with hampers of wine glasses, tableclothes, and everything Just So, and unpacked the provisions. Looked around. Lots of even younger folks in casual clothes. Long hair, but not the classical kind.

The music started. It wasn't the symphony. We made the best of everything, and enjoyed our feast, especially Jeri's brownies. She had baked two batches. Nirvana.

We heard a group nearby discussing us.
"Who are they?"
"Leftovers from the symphony."

We were vastly amused, because the comment was true, and not spoken meanly, but matter of fact.

Scroll on down to the prior post and snag the recipe. You'll become famous. Give Jeri some credit. Don't pass it off as your own. Nirvana. The experience, not the band.


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