Monday, June 30, 2008

Thank God for Leftovers

We got another meal from the dinner party remains. Always a good thing. Last night I made a Southwest Salad, a Penzeys recipe using their southwest seasoning, sent gratis because I am such a good reliable customer. The salad had a dressing of oil, lime juice, garlic and the seasoning, and in the salad was rotini pasta, fresh cooked corn from the cob, black beans, tomato, red bell pepper, scallions and roast chicken meat for the carnivores.

The little vegetarian received a separate salad sans chicken. She liked it and ate thirds.

We saw the new Narnia movie yesterday, Prince Caspian, which I liked a lot. Battles between good and evil are always a ripping good story, as was this, with wonderful special effects, esp. the centaurs. Yowsa!

We want to see the American Girl movie this week, too. Rented Flushed Away and Fly Away Home (four stars!) so I'm getting caught up on my kids movies. Young at heart, and too soon made glad.

Tonight we are making our own pizza with fresh dough from Roche Bros. Toppings will be:
tomatoes, summer squash, red bell pepper, mushrooms, olive, garlic, ricotta, mozzarella, fontina, romano, and I do believe that is all. I should add up the cost of all the cheeses, etc., and determine if this is financially worthwhile, but of course it will taste so good and we will eat any leftover cheese.

I have sent the first 50 pages of Festival Madness to my Guppy's critique group. Another rejection, making nine. Not a lot, but no one has asked for the manuscript. In the meantime, I'm plugging away at--ta da!!! working title: In Flight.

Busy week ahead, with a Pawsox game on the 4th, a trip to Boston's Harbor Islands, and maybe some shopping for school clothes. I know. School was just out, but a young lady has to stop.

Til I drop, no doubt.



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