Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hideous Carnage

Drove by the cow's pasture after my workout to see where they were, and on the road leading to the pasture there was evidence of road kill, including a mallard duck, not normally seen as a roadside victim. On my way out, I looked again at the duck and then at the yucky mess a few yards away. Ye gods, it was a fox, and then of course the story unfolded, which was either the fox chasing the duck and not watching for traffic or the fox, having caught the duck not watching for traffic or some version of the story of the fox and the duck. This is Foxborough, to be sure.

I don't like to see wildlife, esp. a nice red fox destroyed, nor do I like to consider that this may be one of "our" ducks, but there is an entire flock in the farmer's mill pond, so it must be one of those, and I haven't seen ours for a while.

Worry is endemic.

Today, with lots of clouds, I'll introduce the wintered-over geraniums to the outdoors. Into the sun gradually. Other houseplants on front porch. They do like it.

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