Friday, April 18, 2008

A moment to relax? No, It's Cat Blog Day

It would be nice to have a day of "down time," and still be home. Does it ever happen? Thought I had one yesterday, but it didn't turn out that way, so I had great hopes for leisure today. Discovered at 9:15 that Thisbe had a vet appointment at 10:15.

Unfortunately, the vibes perked up through the ceiling into the area under the bed where she was indulging in a power nap. Had the wind up already, and couldn't be lured out with catnip and sweet talk. Kept moving from one side of the bed to the other. I put on gloves and got out S.O.'s now unused crutch and poked at her until she left the friendly confines of the bed. She thought (ha! ha! Thisbe), that she would race downstairs, or perhaps under the guest bed, but I had thoughtfully closed the bedroom door. Grabbed her and shoved her into the cat carrier.

Meows of protest all the way there. Then, as it always happens, she does not wish to egress the cat carrier. Such a safe, cozy place all of a sudden. Nonetheless, the "nice lady" took her out and weighted her. 16.8 pounds, about the same as last year.

"Why is such a big cat afraid of everything?" the vet asked, and I had no answer. If you're a fraidy cat you could be as big as a barn and still cower.

So, exam and shots over, we waited for the presentation of the bill, while a really big dog appropriately named "Moose," eyed the cat carrier with benign curiosity. Home again, but the bedroom door was still closed and the painters were on ladders, able to look in windows, and what's a cat to do? Retreat to the basement, of course, where the windows are small and no one is liable to stare in.

You will remember that Friday is Cat Blog Day. I am publishing a photo of Thisbe for her fans. She still has an unseemly addiction to cat nip, and loves Mommy-Kitty time. If only all relationships were so uncomplicated.

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