Monday, April 21, 2008

All Hail Spring!

Spring has sprung
The grass has riz
I wonder where
The flowers is.

What delightful doggerol! We've had 3 warm days in a row after weeks of weather in the 40's. The forsythia burst into bloom, and so did the goldfinches, the male so wonderfully yellow after his drab winter. A pair is always hanging out at the thistle seed feeder. I noticed the chicadees have also paired up. We had a new sparrow yesterday, and of course I forgot to notice a couple features which would have helped identify the cheeky little critter. So cute.

Mother and father mallad are swimming together in the slough, which has some blooming trees therein, and the red has turned yellow soon to be green. Chipmunks up and about, but the squirrels must be nesting.

The house painters have come and gone, disrupting bird feeding and life in general. They only smashed one plant, an iris. The tulips will not bloom, due to having been saved from the rabbits too late, likewise the crocus. This fall I'm naturalizing some daffodils in the woods and saying to hell with the rest.

Spring peepers still a mighty but shrill chorus. Lots of birdsong. Lovely, with the windchimes gently playing. I cleaned up the beds yesterday. Mint is up as is oregano. Had to cut back the sage which is now a bush. Friend planted some beets, and we'll see how they do. Trillium is up, as is Solomon's Seal. Every year I am just about to cede them to old man winter when they pop out of the ground.

Rhododendrum hedge will bloom this week. I have to say that in spite of all fall's finery, spring is also spectacular. In Atlanta, everything was abloom and it was a world of color.

I sent off a few email queries and got the rest organized. This is a huge job and one might as well resign oneself to doing a lot a work only to get rejection. I ain't the only one.

When is my spring coming? To quote the quoter.


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