Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Soup From a Nail

So we get home around 6:00 last night, tired from standing all the way home on the subway, too late for my writing group, too late to pick up the mail, too late, too late to cook. Off to try the Longhorn Steak House which sprouted up over by Home Depot.

Big crowd for a Monday. Order the smallish rib eye and a side, Caesar salad, too. Pretty good. Not too expensive.

This morning after a session at the gym I picked up the mail and that took all day to sort and deal with. Starts to rain; no one feels like going to the store.

I found a really old half of cabbage, two halves of onions (yellow and red), garlic, bacon, both slab and slices, a carrot, and hey, we're off and running. Old parsley that has a lot of life left. Some grape tomatoes, shriveled but not like, bad. Out comes the soup pot. Vegetable broth! Yay! Herbs and seasonings, including some smoked paprika and red pepper flakes for, shall we say, reasonance? A carrot. Fridge has no more to offer, but this is enough. I open a can of white beans, rinse and add after the cabbage is cooked. Better and better.

We ration ourselves so that it will last two nights. No bread in the house so I made biscuits out of low-cal Bisquick. Pretty tasty.

What ho! The low fat ricotta hasn't spoiled. I do a quick South Beach Diet dessert with the ricotta, espresso coffee powder (can't keep house without it), cocoa, and a dab of vanilla. A few spoons full of that heavy cream before it goes bad, and 1 1/2 packets of Equal. Tasty and not too caloric. Enough left for the morrow. Double yay!

This cost practically nothing and was it ever tasty! Of course, bacon makes everything taste good, although I was a mite stingy.

Soup is good, nourishing, and cheap. What more do you want? It tastes best made from a nail. I do hope you have heard this old tale. If not, Google. With the price of gas, we need more soup from a nail recipes.



Kate said...

one of the better versions of the cabbage soup diet that i lost like 10 pounds on is, www.cabbage-soup-dieting.com

Grapeshot/Odette said...

I tried the cabbage soup diet as the "Policeman's Diet." Lost 4 pounds in a week and my significant other lost about 6. It's not too bad.