Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Race is to the Swift

Flying home from Florida, I read the March Delta SKY magazine. Oh cool, a short story contest. Theme must be something GREEN. I remember a very cute story about an old turtle and a baby hippo--one could turn that into something green.

Found the clipping today. Looked promising. Did a big of Googling. Oops! Someone already wrote a children's book and a movie script and I am left sucking hind teat, so to speak. Wonder what else in my clipping file has been used.

I daresay you know the moral. Don't sit on good material forever. Can I think up another "Green" story? Maybe. Maybe not. Something, like a fable with my sweet Scottish Highland cattle? Maybe. Should they talk? Just mooo, I think.

So, remember that someone else may be making soup from a nail and you better get the rust off your own nail and start simmering that pot.


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